Air Purifier    Air Purifier -500

The Air Purifier can effectively kill the bacteria in the air, remove bad smell and filter the air.
The unit is available in two types:with and without a remote controller. And a microprocessor is used for control. The unit has low, middle and high wind, and the power is 15W to 25W. Timed operation can be set at 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours
The unit has four filter elements: Front filter element, high effect filter element, active charcoal filter element and special bacteria resistant filter element for completely refreshing the air. Also, the machine can generate ozone to kill virus, bacteria and eliminate odors. The application of increased oxygen enhances the function to refresh the air.

Four Layer filters of Air Purifier:
1. Front Filter Element - seperating lint and large dirt
2. High Efficiency Filter - filter out lesss than 5 microns bacteria
3. Active Charcoal Filter Element
4. Anti-Bacteria Mildew Resistant Filter - resisting against and killing bacteria

*Brief Introduction to Ozone


Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50 Hz
Power 15 ~ 25W
Dimension 420 × 310 × 122 (mm)
Weight 3.34kg
Scope of sterilize ≦80m³
Ozone output 500mg / hour
Operate humidity ≦95%
Operate temperature 20 ~ 40°C

* All data is based on our company's standard testing methods. Subject to change without notice

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