Air Purifier      Air Purifier -8138

Air Purifier -8138 has super strong effect on virus and bacteria killing, decompose, filtration, adhesive, smog removal, odor removal.

Air Purifier:
1. HEPA Filter - super strong filtration function for all types of particle such as dust, and hair and scurf
2. Active carbon Filter - can remove smog, odor, filtrate hair and scurf, and it also has self-cleaned function.
3. UV Lamp - strengthen the photo catalysis virus-killing ability besides kill virus itself.
4. Negative ion - strengthen the cleaning effect and fresh air
5. Ozone Output - kill virus, bacteria and remove bad smell effectively and quickly.

*Brief Introduction to Ozone


Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50 Hz
Power 80W
Dimension 640H × 300W × 185D (mm)
Weight 8kg
Scope of sterilize ≦100m²
Ozone output 500mg / hour
Operate humidity ≦95%
Operate temperature 20 ~ 40°C

* All data is based on our company's standard testing methods. Subject to change without notice

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