Model:HLL-2118 Model:HLL-3118   Automatic Soap Dispenser (HLL-2118/HLL-3118)

Non-touch when using, so it's healthy and convenient.
Beautiful appearance, adopting circuit board with the system of electronic mist and water protection, micro-computer controlling, being equipped with lock guarding against the theft and being suitable for using in public places like restaurants, hotels, companies and factories.

ISO 9001, CE, CQC certificated

1. Capacity: 500ml & 1000ml
2. Dimension: 120 × 160 × 110 mm (width × high × depth)
3. Power supply : DC 6v, 2A high energy batteries can be used for 6 months
4. Mechanical lock
5. Infrared induction distance: 2-13 cm

6. Circuit board: with a system of electronic mist and water protection
7. Micro-computer controlling

8. Lifespan: about 70,000 times ,under the conditions of 20 degree temperature and relative

    humidity of 70%
9. Material: high intensity ABS and IC imported from Japan, high sensitive launcher and

    receiver imported from Taiwan
10. Color available: Pink, Blue, Green, Black