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Ozone & anion Air Cleaner      Ozone & anion Air Cleaner(KED-A58)

Brief introduction to the product

Air conditioner type ozone/anion air cleaner is a kind of hi-tech product. After the beginning of nineties when this technology was just invented, it is widely applied in developed countries like Japan, United States and western Europe.

In China, air pollution is more serious. More and more people are being stricken by the polluted air and water, as a result old men and children have bad immune ability, all of which tortures thousands of families.

It is advantageous in the following six aspects:

1.  It is the first machine that makes ozone and anion in one. Generally, the purifier machine produces only anion fresh air that can kill the harmful germs and bacteria in the air ineffectively. This one can makes ozone that can be effective in sterilizing. Disinfecting and removing harmful gas in the air.

2.  It is reasonably designed with elegant outlook without any noise pollution.
3.  It can purify and clean the air quickly, effectively and completely.
4.  Remote control for convenient use.
5.  Multiple choices for different demands.
6.  Disinfect fully with long time cleanness.

*Brief Introduction to Anion
*Brief Introduction to Ozone
* This model is discontinued. Click here to view the replacement model


Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50 Hz
Power 35W
Dimension 580 × 210 × 120 (mm³)
Weight 4kg
Scope of sterilize 100m²
Ozone output 100mg / hour
Anion output 12 million / cm³
Operate humidity ≦83%
Operate temperature 0 ~ 40°C

* All data is based on our company's standard testing methods. Subject to change without notice