Mini Ozone Sterilizer   Mini Ozone Sterilizer (KED-A98III)

Application of Ozone

Ozone has strong oxidation, which makes it have disinfection function. So it is applied widely in

 modern environmental protection technology. Chlorine has been substituted by ozone to sterilize tap water and swimming pool in many European and American advanced countries (Because the effect of ozone disinfection is 600- 3000 times than that of chlorine). The facts prove that ozone doesn't do harm to human being and it has a lot of benefits, if ozone concentration and using time are controlled well.

In modern life, ozone can not only depurate air, deal with water quality etc, but also keep fruits and vegetables fresh and prevent skin diseases widely. Therefore, the ozone is applied more and more widely.

At present, the big-sized family appliances have begun to use ozone to increase the value. The family appliance manufacturer has succeeded in researching and development ozone washing machine, which can release a great deal of ozone bubbles, get rid of dirt, and eliminate peculiar smells when you wash clothes. Ozone can also destroy cells walls of bacteria to kill them completely on the dirty clothes. While it can save washing powder and water, it can guarantee the cleaning of clothes.

*Brief Introduction to Ozone



Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50 Hz
Power 15W
Dimension 300 × 200 × 70 (mm³)
Weight 1.3kg
Scope of sterilize 45m³
Ozone output 400mg / hour
Operate humidity ≦85%
Operate temperature 5 ~ 40°C

* All data is based on our company's standard testing methods. Subject to change without notice