Energy & Blood Circulation Machine    Energy & Blood Circulation Machine (KED-B28)

Modernists are busy in work, exhausted physically and have mind tension and do less exercise. So they are easy to get non-virus diseases such as neurasthenic, muscle ache, and incretion maladjustment which are caused by non-smooth blood circulation and inefficient metastasis. It is called as: pain means being blocked, being smooth means painless.

According to the research results by experts, there would be certain connection between blood circulation and the earthy magnetic field, that is, the clock-wise of blood from head to foot. By which the inner wastes and toxins are discharged through body fluid and defecate to keep body health.

Application Scope:

1.      Relieve exhaustion, improve sleep.
2.      Promote blood circulation, eliminate ache in mussel.
3.      Prevention of hypertension, stroke etc.
4.      Prevention of rheumatic arthritis, peripheral nerve atrophy.
5.      Beautify and health care.
6.      Promote metabolism and expel toxins in the body.
7.      Improvement of chronic diseases: headache, arthritis, insomnia, diabetes, cervical spondylopathy etc.

1.     Vibration

Promote blood circulation to remove obstruction in the channels, relax muscle, invigorate the circulation of blood, accelerate the blood flow by strong vibration and make free circulation of the blood. Using the machine 15 minutes is equivalent to jogging 5 kilo meters.

2.     Circumrotate

Clock-wise circumrotation makes a rapid blood circulation within the body. Increases blood supply for heart and brain, accelerate secretion discharge, and makes body health and clean.

3.     Massage

Salience aims at points and jerk sections under feet like a remarkable massage, spreading the vibration to all over the body. Release the aches, furbish the body jerk functions, carve your figure, reform your body, and keep the spring of your life.