High Frequency & Electronic-negative Healthy Device

High Frequency & Electronic-negative Healthy Device (KED-B38)

It's a necessity for your health.

Carede High Frequency Electron Negative Healthy Machine is designed by modern scientific technology. It is a health care device which uses negative magnetic field reacting to human's body. It can promote production of ATP enzyme and metabolism of carbon dioxide. Also it can strengthen immunity.

Application Scope:

1.    Activate cell: strengthening ATP enzyme production, balance ion outside and inside of the cell membrane.
2.    Blood circulation: increasing blood and oxygen in the ending vessels and strengthen peripheral circulation.

3.    Adjusting auto rhythmic nerve: stimulating parasympathetic nerve, relieve pressure and mussel aching, easing sleep.

4.    Immune system: strengthening immune capability.

5.    Metabolism: purifying blood to raise temperature in subcutaneous tissue 2 centigrade higher and strengthen metabolism.

6.    Beautifying and removing toxins.