* This model is discontinued. Click here to view the replacement model

 Air Sterilizer     Air Sterilizer  (LX-SPS120)

Produce plenty of plasmas through the corona discharge of high frequency, this course medium-high can occur a series of base first thing electronic and gas member collision to melt to respond, and produce gas activation ( particularly O3 mainly with), various active free base, occur catalysis and oxidize for poisonous harmful material, germ and virus etc. and is away from, untie wait for thing to melt to respond, till decompose to kill to die. With this at the same time, O3 reductions are O2, have avoided efficiently the course poisoning by product disinfected, remain and pollute twice.

* This model is discontinued. Click here to view the replacement model
* Use Ozone(O3) to detoxify experiment
* Brief Introduction to Ozone
* Manual

As graphic representation

O3 gases > Disinfect to kill bacterium to exclude taste > O2 + Clean air

Air > Main computer > Plasma base first thing melts to respond > Degradation poisonous harmful material > Clean air > Only mould and ethylene etd. are urged hot material > Mould proof and fresh keeping > Clean air

1. Kill virus:destroy its RNA and DNA directly.

2. Eliminate bacteria:first, act on cell membrane; second, destroy the inside components then kill the bacteria.

3. Eliminate odors:O3 is a strong oxidizer. It can quickly oxidize and decompose the chemical substances which may release unpleasant odors, especially against mold and fishy smells.

4. Destroy poisonous and harmful substances:O3 and other ions can quickly organize and degrade  harmful substances in the air such as CO, sulphide and benzene.

5. Keep fresh:O3 has strong capabilities in killing and restraining mold. It also can prelong the storage of vegetables and fruits by neutralizing ethylene released by vegetables and fruits. Ethylene gas accelerates the ripe of vegetables and fruits.

Ozone generator that can be used anywhere in the office, living room, bathroom,

kitchen, car, refrigerator, shoe cabinet etc. Purified air can neutralizes poisonous gas or materials and extends the life of foods, gets rid of unpleasant smell and supplies fresh air around. Ozone (O3 or activated oxygen or concentrated oxygen) generator can destroy almost all viruses, bacteria , fungus, pollens, mold, spores, toxic chemical fumes, cigarette smoke odors, dust and dust mites etc. These effects are according to the concentration of ozone. And the destroy rate is multiple higher than ultraviolet.

After sales service

1.) One year free maintain for Air Sterilizer.
2.) The free maintain is include normally damage only.
3.) Permanent warranty.

Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50 Hz
Electric current 0.11A
Power 25W
Dimension 520 × 160 × 230 (mm³)
Weight ≦3kg
Remote-controlled distance ≦5m
Scope of sterilize ≦80m³
Ozone output 400mg / hour
Operate humidity ≦83%
Operate temperature 0 ~ 40°C

* All data is based on our company's standard testing methods. Subject to change without notice